Frequently Asked Questions
Transportation to/from venue

Venue address:

Scripps Seaside Forum

8610 Kennel Way, La Jolla, CA 92037

Parking is limited at the venue, so here are the options:

We'll have a shuttle taking guests from the La Jolla Cove Inn and Suites (1155 Coast Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037) and the shuttle will be leaving at 2:15PM heading to the venue. The shuttle will be making return trips to the hotel at 9PM, 9:30PM and 10:00PM. Please let Kristen know if you plan to use the shuttle so we can get an accurate count.

Other options:


Lyft, uBer and Yellow Cab are all plentiful in the La Jolla area. Lyft: Here are a few promo codes, if you have not used them before.

CreditCoupon Discount DetailsLyft Promo Code
$20$2 credit per ride for 10 rides20LYFTPROMO
$10$5 credit per ride for 2 ridesNEWUSER10
$9$3 credit per ride for 3 ridesLYFTCOUPON9

Please note--with Lyft, you can schedule your rides in advance. uBer: Code for first time users: code is HITTHEROAD Yellow Cab: Please note--if you text your location to 777222, you'll be in the queue much faster. This is not an app, but you can be notified via text when your vehicle arrives.


Because we are directly on the beach, parking is challenging and if you opt to drive, there is limited parking within the neighborhood. Please allow an additional 15-30 minutes to park. There is free street parking (if you can find it) on both La Jolla Shores Dr. and El Paseo Grande. We would really appreciate you taking the shuttle/ridesharing if you plan to drink.

Is the ceremony in the same place as the reception?

Yes, same place. There is an inside space where food will be served.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, everyone that would like to is welcome to bring a guest. Please make sure to add them to your RSVP on our site!

Are kids invited?

Yes! Please feel free to bring your kids. Just add them to your online RSVP

What is beach casual?

We're getting married outside, on grass, overlooking the beach. We want you to be comfortable in what you wear. We're not having a very "formal" wedding, so wear what you think will bring out your best dance moves.